Fun is the name of the game for adult playgrounds


adults-just-wanna-have-funI’ve been reading a lot lately about “Adult Playgrounds” which is actually a pretty cool concept.

But it seems that the huge majority of the ones that actually get built are just outdoor gyms. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


Adults like to play too!

Let’s take a minute though and remember some of the things we loved to do as kids at the playground.

Me? I would have to start with the swings. I would push myself to go higher and higher and higher. You know, to where my tippy toes would be able to touch the sky! In fact I still do it when I can find a swing that fits me. The other day when I was swinging I really thought about what my body was doing and realized what a wonderful activity swinging really is. Those stomach muscles, my legs, back and arms…yep they were all getting a workout! In fact, I think I may have used some muscles that I didn’t even know were there!

The Monkey Bars were another favorite or mine and oh so many others. Who could get to the end without falling? I’m not sure that I ever did make it to the end, but boy did I ever try. Think back to those days and try and recall the fun you had swinging from one bar to the next. How fast could you do it? Ok, I was pretty miserable at these things but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love them.  And again, just think of the muscles and stamina that it takes to swing yourself from one end to the other?

Let’s not forget the slides. Oh how can we possibly forget them? Again it was all about how fast you could go…well wasn’t it? There are more and more slides being built throughout the world in shopping malls, airports, offices and many other open spaces. There are also some that have been around for many, many years that are sometimes hidden gems with the cities. One such slide are the two at Seward Mini Park in San Francisco. Ok, so the sign says “No adult unless accompanied by children”. But I’m betting that rule gets broken on a pretty daily basis. And the climb up to these slides is not an easy one as there are no stairs…which means legs, back and probably arm muscles get a ton of use.

In other words, all of the play equipment we had while growing up could be used for adult playgrounds. Not only could adults go out and have a ton of fun but they would also get some much needed exercise at the same time.

Adult playgrounds do not have to be constructed of exercise equipment as so many that I have read about seem to be.

What do you think? Should there be more Adult Playgrounds built for the child inside all of us? What is the one thing you would love to have in an adult playground near you?

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