Fun Gift Ideas

Ok so the holidays are quickly approaching

yikes just way too fast! I mean really, where did this year go? What happened to it?

Anyway it is just about gone and it is gift giving time. But man…some people are truly hard to buy for. You know the ones…we all have at least one person and sometimes even more that are really, truly difficult to buy for.

Sure doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t appreciate a fun, playful gift.

And of course I have found a few items just for those hard to buy for people.

Mood Cards can be rather fun – especially for those people still working. Let’s them get their mood across to others without having to say a word! Don’t worry…there are some nice ones in here.



Wine Condoms are a bit more for the adult on your list who likes not only their wine but just a bit of fun with it.


Photo Booth Props – ok, not necessarily a gift idea (but why not?) these could be a fun way to lighten up the holiday dinners…or heck just anytime!


And hey…I’m just getting started! There are so many more ways to have a playful life! The other thing to remember is that these are not always necessarily for the holidays. After all every single person I know has a birthday sometime during the year – even though many might deny it! All of these can be used for birthdays or any other reason for gift giving. Or just for no reason at all – which of course is the best reason ever!



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