About me

Well hi there!

Since I am just one in only about several million websites I am super happy you found me!

As a kid, like so many of you, I played. I played games with my sisters and friends and family. As I got older and got married we would play games since not only was it fun and social it was also pretty inexpensive which was great for young marrieds.

But then…

Life happened!

As in divorce and being a single mom and working and then my son growing up and well, you know…LIFE! And I stopped playing.

A few years back though I found my jacks. You remember those? Man I loved them when I was a kid…so I immediately sat down on the floor and started playing. And you know what? I was still good!

But you know what else?

I realized how much I had missed it. Missed playing!

Oh sure I played. I played “adult” games such as golf. Hey trust me – nothing wrong with golf but there is just something different.contact-me-3

It just didn’t feel the same as actually “playing”.

And that was what I wanted to get back to.

Playing the things that I played as a kid. Yes I still sit on the floor and play jacks – hey it is great for the hand/eye coordination! And I still jump rope for fun. And recently I picked up a hula hoop and you know what? I’m still pretty good at that!

But I’ve come to realize that not all adults really know how to play.

So with this website “The Playful Adult” I have decided to try and help you get back to playing and having fun.

And no…it isn’t just games, though a lot of it is. But there will be other fun stuff on here too.

So please…come back often. In fact why don’t you bookmark it so you can return to see what’s new?